Finishing The Base

Finishing the base

At last we managed to get a new wheel and could continue with placing the beams.

As the final ones were lifted into place we thought we had broken the back of the job - just a few breeze blocks needed to fill in the gaps.


Unfortunately this proved to be wishful thinking - the time consuming bits were still to come!

Slip bricks

First there were the slip bricks - thin concrete bricks which needed cementing all round the outside edge of the base for the outer most row of breeze blocks to sit on.

While cementing these slip bricks in place we also had to incorporate wall ties which were later going to attach to the external red brick wall, tying the two walls together.

Then there were the vents which also needed cementing in place every few feet all around the base to allow ventilation under the floor.




In addition there were a lot of small gaps on the base which needed filling by chopping breeze blocks down to the required size. (Gaps at the end of rows never seemed to be a full block long)!



Finally the most tricky part was cutting the breeze blocks round the water pipes.

Cutting the breeze blocks

However once all this was done the floor looked stunning.

Finished base

We just needed to brush wet cement into all the cracks to tie the floor together and we were ready for the moment we had all been waiting for - the erection of the oak frame.

Mixing the cement